Student Affairs Administration Practicum Site Host Evaluation
Practicum Hosts: Thank you for hosting our student in this important part of their educational and professional journey. Please complete this survey, which is a requirement of the student's final grade. The survey will be sent immediately to the SAA department. We hope you and your department also benefited from this experience. Please let us know if you would like to discuss any of your responses in greater detail.

Student Name:
Site Host Name:
Practicum Site Institution and Department:
Recommended grade
Willingness to learn
Completion of assignments
Individual growth
Professional promise
Communication skills
Professional interaction
Overall quality of work
To what degree was the practicum student involved in the actual practice of the procedures, duties, routines, etc, of your area?
Student's strengths:
How student can improve:
Is there anything else we should know about this student's practicum performance?
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